SPI Astilleros is the shipyard with the fastest operating growth in Argentina in recent years. It has more than 40 years in the Argentine naval industry, today being a leading player in the shipbuilding and repair market. It was the first to certify by the Bureau Veritas Certification (B.V.C.) The ISO 9001 Quality Standards for the Design, Construction, Repair, Transformation and Enlistment Service of Ships and Naval Artifacts.

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Spi History

Astilleros SPI not only has support and experience, but it is also the fastest growing shipyard in recent years. This results from a policy of comprehensive excellence in services and benefits. Due to the excellence of its services and the competitiveness in costs, Astilleros SPI has managed to position itself in the world market, making more than 50% of its services to companies in Europe and Asia.

  • 1976 Founding of the Shipyard

    Founding of the Shipyard. The Integrated Port Services (SPI) shipyard is founded in the city of Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • 1978

    Eng. Horacio Tettamanti, founding partner of the company, participates in the design and construction process of an emblematic vessel for the time in Argentina such as the Mar Tirreno Tanker, which would transform fuel logistics in the Río de la Silver. The expertise and technical knowledge acquired in this project will be fundamental in the further development of SPI Astilleros and in its professional strength.


    A synchronous lift or syncrolift is incorporated that allows SPI Astilleros to quickly position itself in the local fishing fleet repair market, due to the speed and effectiveness of this lifting means for lifting and launching vessels.

  • 1985 - 1990

    During this period, the construction of two ferries was carried out, which were destined for export to Chile, as well as the construction of a series of fishing vessels that would mark a milestone in the projects developed by the shipyard.

  • 1994 MOSSDOCK I.

    With a length of 60.90 meters and a beam of 13.60 meters, it allows the lifting of vessels of all types and with an initial capacity of up to 1,000 tons.

  • 1999 MOSSDOCK 2000

    Another new floating dock is incorporated, unique in its kind and brought from Siberia, Russia. This imposing dam reflects the company's development and investment policy.

  • 2002 ISO 9001

    SPI Astilleros becomes the only naval engineering office in Argentina with ISO 9001 certification for ship repair, preparation and transformation. Certification with the Bureau Veritas is then expanded to include design and construction of ships and naval devices.

  • 2004 RAILWAY

    A railway hauling system is incorporated in the port of Caleta Paula in the town of Caleta Olivia, Province of Santa Cruz, in the south of the country, which allows vessels of up to 800 tons to be lifted.

  • 2009

    A historic event is materialized not only for SPI Astilleros, but for the naval industry as a whole, such as the export to Paraguay of 16 barges for the transport of iron ore on the Trunk Navigable Route. With these projects, the productive capacity and export potential of the naval sector became evident.


    Opening of the mass construction plant for barges of all types in the town of Campana, Province of Buenos Aires, with 22,000 m2 of surface.

  • 2010 MOSSDOK I

    With engineering, design and in-house production, the extension work on this dock is carried out, increasing its length by 15.60 meters and its capacity from 1000 to 1300 tons.


    Opening of a 2,500 m2 warehouse for the construction of tugboats and ships.

  • 2017 Don Severino C

    Don Severino C. Incorporation of the Don Severino C floating dock at the SPI ALNAVI shipyard (Campana).

  • 2018 ISO 9001:2015

    SPI Astilleros recertifies ISO Standards, obtaining the latest one in force. It becomes the naval engineering office in Argentina with ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the repair, preparation and transformation service of ships, as well as the design and construction of ships and naval devices. In this way, and for 18 consecutive years, the Mar del Plata company renewed the certification that supports its quality system, with the endorsement of the Bureau Veritas Certification in international markets. In addition to the ISO 9001:2015 standards, SPI Astilleros certified the production of ultrasonic thicknesses from the following classification societies: NKK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai), RS (Russian Register), Germanischer Lloyd and RINA.

  • 2021

    New industrial warehouse. It is launched in the Mar del Plata production unit as part of a comprehensive development of the shipyard and part of a new lay out. This ship has a length of 60 meters and a width of 20 meters, free height to the crane bridge 13 meters. It has gates in different positions, streamlining logistics for the entry and exit of pieces, cloth and blocks. It has two overhead cranes of 20 tons each, which can work interlocked lifting loads of up to 40 tons, given that the ship is structurally designed for these loads.

  • 2021

    Synchronous elevator repowering. This work aimed to strengthen the productive capacities of the shipyard, thus allowing the lifting of vessels of up to 750 tons, reaching a useful length of 45 meters and a useful beam of 11.9 meters.

  • 2021

    Expansion of the stands sector and transfer system. There are 10 slipways for the construction, repair and/or transformation of vessels, including the industrial warehouse. The aforementioned steps are in accordance with the lifting load capacity of the syncrolift. The transfer system is what allows the transfer of vessels after lifting and prior to launching.

  • Our News

    Currently SPI Astilleros offers its clients the support of cutting-edge technology and the experience of a unique professional group, which carries out constant updating and specialization courses in the country and abroad. With more than 40 years of experience, Astilleros SPI has the support and experience that your company needs when hiring a shipyard.

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